We’ve been travelling in one way or another for just less than two months. On motorbikes for the majority, with a break for two weeks flying Las Vegas to New Orleans and back. We’ll be away for another month-six weeks before before getting home.

We are both very much enjoying this lifestyle. I think we’re both appreciating the simplicity of seeing how little stuff it takes to be happy and comfortable travelling. We have been camping and staying in Air BnB’s, and less expensive motels along the way. We are not hard core campers, and the budget is a bit more flexible to match our needs.

When it comes to travel, these are the things we don’t do:

  • Camp one night and leave. Set up and take down time is high for us. Everything has a place in the packing, and it takes a fair bit of time to get it oh, just so.
  • Camp where it’s buggy, mosquitos or gnats. We’ll continue on, or find a motel.
  • Camp in excessive rain. A shower here or there, ok, but nothing greater than that if we can help it.
  • Camp in excessive cold, <5 celcius. I am a wimp in the cold.
  • We’ll opt for a cheap motel, this isn’t an endurance event, and between us, the cost of a motel or air bnb is pretty reasonable.

The things we do:

Take our time. Not in a rush, and understand that it’s impossible to ”see everything”. We both try to enjoy the moment, where we are, without thinking about what’s next on the list and rushing off to see it.

Break up the physical exertion days with easy days. Lars calls where we’re at as being in a ”steady state”. Our bodies are under a certain level of stress all the time, whether it be longer/tougher ride days, trying to find accommodations, food, etc.. So when it comes to the hiking and physical expenditure, we won’t do a number of hard hikes in a row. One hard day is fllowed with at least one easy day. I think this is a smart way to go. The other stresses are weather and exposure. Being out on the bikes, and being exposed to temperatures and environment, hot, cold, wet, and then the wind, buffeting and noise all can be very tiring. We aren’t on vacation; we’re living. We just happen to be living on the road, instead of in our house.

Food can be all consuming, finding it, cooking it, cleaning up or going out for a restaurant meal. We have adopted a style of intermittent fasting, which seems to be working for us. Lars eats breakfast, and I skip that. We will eat in the afternoon, a bigger meal, and while there may be a small snack or drink in the evening, that’s pretty much it. It makes things so much easier. All the overhead involved around eating is lessened. We’re really enjoying the simplicity of this, and the time that it saves.


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