What a difference a week can make…

The last post was about our travel and destination not being perfect.

Two weeks and a day has passed since we left home; and it’s been one week plus a day since we’ve been on La Palma. Wow, I love it here. It’s February, and according to our host, it’s the coldest month of the year. I will take it.

It’s not blazing hot 25 degrees celcius, the mornings are a bit chilly, the running water isn’t always hot, (solar heated, you know), but it as close to perfect as I will venture to want, and I’m not complaining.

We’re now on La Palma, staying near Puerto Naos, just on the hillside above the town. The accommodations are awesome, we get to feel the tickle of the sun around 9:00am if the clouds cooperate; and if we’re lucky, the sun warms us through the day, and we are forutnate to watch the sunsets around 8:00 pm in the evenings.

If there’s an example of slow travellers, I think we would fit the bill. We’re here for three weeks, and we haven’t got a check list or bucket list of to-do’s. So, for the time we have been here, we have alternated the days between strenuous and not; while being in zero rush. So far we have struck a pretty good balance balance  between doing a bit, and doing a lot, and then doing next to nothing at all.

We have been on a few hikes and extended walks; and the days between the hikes have been filled with activities such as: listening to the rock doves coo-cooing, and watching them hurtle down the steep hillsides at breakneck speeds; listening to the activity of the coast that is almost 200 metres below, a lot of reading, sunbathing, and visits to town for shopping.

The view we have from our vacation rental is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s easy to just sit here and while the days away.

Pics from La Palma



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