We’re here, and it’s not quite perfect.

No, I don’t want to be a complainer, that is not what I do. But, I do love warm weather, and have been seeking, craving, desiring it for a little while now. Travelling from Victoria to Tenerife via London, with each transit, I, (and I’m sure Lars too), we are bidding wet, winter and grey skies, a less than fond farewell.

At present, we are on Tenerife and have been in La Florida, near La Oritava, for four days. When the guide books said that La Oritava was an historic town, a little bit wetter than the south west of the island, but not as touristed, we thought that was great. We’ve all experienced wet weather, and being Victoria residents, it’s a big so what.

Well, it seems like we’ve hit an uncommon weather pattern during our stay on Tenerife. Snow on Mt. Teide, (where we had hoped to hike, walk, and spend the majority of our time) and rain, and more rain here in La Oritava. Soo… it’s not perfect.

On the bright side? In an effort to find the sun, we have visited the beachside town of Playa de San Juan, and we both really like it. About a 90 minute drive from La Orotava, San Juan is a gem. Less built up than the big resort towns of Playa de las Americas, and Los Cristianos, it is protected from the winds (and wow, is it ever windy!) San Juan has a coastal walking path which we have traversed twice now, (and will again once more tomorrow) and it seems like a place we think we would be comfortable staying at. Staying at San Juan  would give us the opportunity to enjoy the beach, and also access Teide hiking, as it is quite close to Santiago del Teide – an entry point to hiking paths in Teide national park.

Tenerife today

[there will be more, and click to see more!]

On a side note, we walked from where we are staying in La Florida, to La Oritava; about an 8km walk down and back. So incredibly steep! Cars taking sharp turns, and one of the four wheels was very far off the ground!

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