First Post!

First Post!

We have been away just over three weeks, and in a way it seems like a lifetime.

After four days of travel from home, we were camping at Sunglow Campsite, Fishlake National Forest, near Bicknell Utah. It’s very close to Capitol Reef National Park, which is a place we visited last year, and definitely wanted to return to.

We spent ten days at Sunglow, then a quick travel day to Lee’s Ferry, Arizona. We got this camping tip from a fellow camper at Sunglow, a Salt Laker who knew the area well.

At this moment, we’re at Cortez Colorado on the Colorado plains, near the Four Corners area [Utah, Col, Az and NM]

I’ll post some pics at the bottom of this post, don’t forget, you can always find Lars’ photos here:

OK, so, it’s been a great and interesting time so far. I have some observations and thoughts which will likely turn into posts soon, but, for now, this is what we’ve learned.

It’s a lot of work, camping for an extended period as we’re doing.

Cooking a meal on a campstove, ensuring we have enough water; keeping ourselves clean, the gear, bikes and truck as well; some of the places are incredibly dusty, love that grit in the teeth… It’s very hot and dry, so our hands are taking a beating too, where zippers are hard to zip, cracked skin and bloody fingers are the norm.

Regarding the iKamper set up, it’s is pretty good; really good in really good weather, and a little less prime in not so good weather. The cold and the wind are a big challenge. I’m not a happy camper in cold weather, and some nights at Sunglow were just 2-3 degrees celsius. Those night jaunts to the loo; and trying to stay warm in the evenings… It’s the challenge of anyone camping with a tent, on the ground or above it, to stay comfortable without spending all the time in the tent.

The winds are a bit of an issue too and it makes using the annex a challenge.. The annex actually zips onto the iKamper, so using it pretty much ensures that we stay put, as it isn’t a standalone structure. We haven’t had the pleasure of a big rain – yet… so we’ve found that the setup and takedown of the annex to use the truck, isn’t at all practical.

We moved on from Sunglow as it was getting pretty cold during the nights. I know I wasn’t sleeping well, it was cold = grumpy DL. It was time to move, and Lee’s Ferry was unbelievable, days were between 25-30 degrees C; and nights 10-17. Oh, lovely. Almost too hot, but, that’s still preferable for us.

The scenery there is pretty amazing too. Look for photos somewhere in this post.

OK, back to the setup.

We also decided we wanted to be able to use the truck a lot more, so that means going light on setup. At Lee’s Ferry, we did not set up the annex, and there was one major windstorm with 80km/hr gusts. It was unbelievably noisy in the iKamper!

We’re only three + weeks into the trip, and we can see the benefits of moving to a trailer unit. Future trips would be more focused, eg. with the motorbikes would be a fixed period of time, with motorbiking as the central activity. We have done some incredible rides, but not nearly the hiking I thought we would be doing. Same there, a hiking or cycling trip would have more focus for each activity. Anyway, we’re still learning and keeping the options open.

Some pics for your enjoyment

The sun glows at Sunglow! This was the backdrop at our campsite at Sunglow Campground. Fishlake National Forest, in Bicknell, which is on the road to Torrey and Capitol Reef.
Our rig, at Lee’s Ferry campground near Marble Canyon Arizona.
Everyone has to have a photo (or a hundred) of Bryce Canyon. No selfies tho’.
We rode here, on a BLM road to the rim of the Grand Canyon. Exceptional place. (Exceptional guy too) ;?
Pueblo dwellings at Hovenweep. Amazing.

That’s it for now, our <four week trip compressed into one post. So much of everything on a trip like this. Stay tuned for more soon.

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