Lars Vegas!

Currently we’re in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, visiting with Lars’ daughter Marie, her husband Ray, and their people loving, black lab, Winnie. We have left the bikes in Las Vegas, using it as the jumping off point to and from here.

We were in Las Vegas for a few days, mostly needing the days there to get some motorbike work done. Simple stuff, change of tires, oil change for Lars’ Versys. We stayed at Anthony’s Air BnB, which has been really good. It was Lars’ first visit to Las Vegas, and I think he thought it was pretty over the top, and generally enjoyed seeing the spectacle that it is.

We wanted to see a Cirque de Soleil show, but on the Tuesday, it was one of their break days. So, options were limited, and prices were high; that and it was spring break, so I’m sure that helped to drive up demand. We walked the strip, and tried our ”luck” at some slots. The retirement fund isn’t any healthier after that. But, it was entertaining!

So, it’s evident that the nightlife and energy that goes with that isn’t our thing, but we still have enjoyed the city. Of course we were still only just skimming the surface of knowing a place, but by getting around on our bikes doing errands, and chatting with our AirBnB host, we feel like we’ve gotten to know a little bit more, the untouristed side of the city.

We would like to return for a longer stay, and see what the hiking, and maybe bicycling opportunities might be there. But in the meantime, have a look at our photos.

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