Yamaha XT250


The above pic of the bike in its perfect form. No dents, scratches or scrapes. This is as we headed up towards Mt. Bolduc, a crash site near Lake Cowichan. Right before the first drop of many. I’ve learned lots since then, and drops are now fewer and farther between. Drops are always off road, slow speed, and over fairly tricky terrain.


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I purchased this bike from Island BMW – I believe the previous owner worked at, and bought it from SG Power here in Victoria. It was a really good deal, as it had the Yamaha Genuine Accessories – bash plate and rear rack, Bark Busters hand guards, and a Givi top case. All for $4,500.


  • At purchase, May 2015: 1,800 kms
  • November 2016: 17,500
  • November 2017: 23,000


  • Yamaha bashplate;
  • Barkbusters
  • Heated Grips
  • Connectors for heated jacket. I we both have heated jackets from Electrowear in Errington, BC. I can run both the jacket and the grips, no problems at all.
  • Horn upgrade (PIAA Sports Horn)
  • CycleRacks rear rack – Note, we had to move the rear indicators back, to accommodate the rack and panniers. I attached them to the rack, using Instamorph.
    (When touring, I use a tank bag and soft luggage from Wolfman)
  • Adjustable controls: https://www.amazon.ca/Fingers-Folding-unbreakable-adjustable-2006-2014/dp/B014M0JXG0

In the works:

  • I’m going to work on modifying my saddle. Shave out some of the current foam and replace with something a little bit more giving. I’ll likely reduce the depth of the saddle, so I might gain a few millimetres downwards.
  • I’m also considering different shocks for the forks, and suspension. If you have any suggestions/questions, please feel free to share. I’ll post whatever I do, whenever that happens.