Kawasaki KLX250s


Road to Cape Scott northern Vancouver Island

This is a great little bike, good for any off-road riding we are doing but also capable of highway travel if, of course, staying away from Interstates. For our 2016 WABDR trip it was perfect.

I bought it used in 2015 with only 3,000 km on the odometer but it now has many more.

Here is a list of modifications I have done in case it’s helpful to anyone. Note the picture above was taken early on so it doesn’t reflect all changes.

  • Dialled in the suspension to my liking
  • FMF Q4 slip-on muffler with PowerBomb header
  • Dynojet Jet Kit stage two
    • 128 main jet
    • Needle on third groove from top plus two small washers above e-clip
    • Dynojet spring
    • Idle mixture 2 and 2/3 turns out
  • Opened up air box (removed snorkel)
  • TwinAir air filter
  • Removed AIS and other such things
  • Removed side stand safety switch and wires
  • Removed passenger foot pegs
  • Removed chain guard
  • Installed a louder horn
  • Wired in Zumo GPS
  • Acerbis hand guards
  • PaRay’s ECU set to Australian ignition timing curve (35°)
  • IMS fuel tank
  • Cycle Rack’s rear rack
  • Seat Concepts’ Comfort/Dual Sport seat
  • Replaced shift star (weak on 2009s)
  • Aftermarket skid plate

With the above modifications, the bike runs very well and has a real kick around 6,000/7,000 RPMs. This is true going from sea level all the way up to 6,000′ altitude.

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