Kawasaki KLR650

Picture of KLR650
North Vancouver Island road trip

I bought this 2008 KLR 650 in 2012 with 10,000 km on the odometer; it has now (2017) 40,000+ on it. I have used it both for commuting and trips – short and long – on Vancouver Island. It has served me very well and with the below modifications has become a great bike. Unusually enough for a 2008, it’s not an oil burner but that probably has more to do with me keeping the RPMs low than anything else.

Here are the modifications in no particular order.

  • Cogent Dynamics suspension upgrades
    • Moab shock
    • Fork Drop-in-Damper Cartridges
  • Upgraded subframe bolts with replacement set from Eagle Mike (EM)
  • Happy Trails’s SL side racks
  • Happy Trail’s LED (WOW) rear light
  • Heated grips
  • Re-jetted with EM’s KLX kit
    • Main jet 140
    • One shim under clip
    • Clip in second groove from top
    • Brass washer on top of clip
  • Adjustable idle mixture screw
  • Exhaust cam advanced one tooth
  • Disabled AIS
  • Non-vacuum fuel valve
  • Opened up air intake (removed snorkel)
  • AGM battery
  • Wired in GPS holder
  • New louder horn (PIAA Sports Horn)
  • Zero Gravity windscreen (SR-series)
  • Disabled safety switches
  • Removed decals
  • Moose Racing foot pegs
  • EM’s Doohickey with torsion spring (done by original owner and verified)
  • Fixed Deep Hole issue by dropping in 1/4” ball bearing into the idle gear shaft hole
  • Uni Filter air filter

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