Honda NC 700SA



If I were into naming my bikes, I’d call this one Pearl.

pearl tank

To be honest, I’m still working out my relationship with her. She’s got a long tank, and I’m not a long person by any stretch of the imagination. So, some attention to the ergonomics of this bike is needed. I have some Rox riser adjusters on the way. On the road, she is taking some getting used to. Not quite as nimble as the XT, but with some more kms, I’m sure we’ll be just fine in time.

Some of the fit, and my 27″ inseam.

Me n pearlShe does ride like a dream on the highway, but, I’m used to being wind battered on the XT. Definitely a new experience, all good so far.

Since this initial writeup of the bike, we’ve done a few modifications to make the bike fit me a little bit better.

  • Rox risers, 2″, as previously mentioned,
  • Taller windscreen for a bit more protection. I found a Honda windscreen probably for a newer model 750x, I’m guessing, and it’s a couple of inches taller than the 700SA stock. I just had to drill a couple of holes in the screen to fit. All good
  • Airhawk saddle, allows me to sit a little bit further forward, lessening the reach to the controls.

A new front tire, as I believe these were stock from 2013. That made a huge improvement to the tracking and steering. There’s still a bit of life in the rear tire, so will change that out on the road.

Some of the fun little mods I’ve done are to the trunk.

Simple, but effective. I lined the inside of the trunk with both sides of velcro – and then used sticky velcro for the glass cases etc. So, I can carry all sorts of things, and not lose them in the bottom of the trunk. Can’t see it in the photo, but I have a very small bicycling flashlight stuck in there too. I’ve found that it’s hard for the eyes to adjust in daylight to see anything in the trunk.

I measured up some straps and attached them to the lid of the trunk. This way I can transport the electronics and have them be suspended in the lid, vs sitting in the bottom being exposed to all sorts of vibrations. Pretty nifty if I do say so.

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